Family Discipleship

Family Worship

Families are rediscovering how to do life with one another in 24/7 rotation. We hope some of these resources will help you seize the opportunity of discipling your kids and leading them in family worship.

1.) What is Family Worship and How can I ‘do’ family worship

2.) Free 5-day course on how to lead your family in worship ever day (note: this is a very short and helpful).

3.) Help your kids follow the Sunday message by printing and using this worksheet.

4.) Helping your kids navigate seasons of suffering

5.) Encourage your own heart by reading these great resources: holiness is never far from home, exposing idols in our own lives or listen to this podcast.

KidsLIFE Lesson

Step 1: No overview this week

Step 2: Watch the Short Video Lesson

Step 3: Print Sermon worksheet (see link above) for Older Kids or Print Coloring Page for Younger Kids