We want everyone to know the abudant LIFE that Jesus offers!


While serving as the Associate Pastor of Family ministry in Nampa, Idaho the Forrest family became acutely aware of the need for missional churches across the United States. It was after reading a book where America was identified as the 5th largest mission field in the world, and the largest mission field in the western hemisphere, that Will and Tiffany began to look for opportunities to connect with church plants and prepare for church planting. They used their vacation time to visit a church plant they had heard about in Las Vegas and began to make this passion for church planting known to those around them. The months and years to follow consisted of persistent prayer and discernment. In November 2014, the Lord’s call and providence allowed Will’s path to intersect with Dr. Bill Curtis, lead pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Florence, South Carolina. In the summer of 2015, Will took a step away from the associate pastorate in Idaho and moved to South Carolina taking on the role of a church planting intern. He is spending two years under the leadership and mentoring of Pastor Bill Curtis and his pastoral team before being sent out from Cornerstone to start Summit LIFE Church.


Summit LIFE Church is new to Issaquah Highlands and we count it a privilege to be your neighbor! We recognize life was never intended to be lived out in isolation, but in community and we are excited to be a part of this community. Jesus said that He has come to give life and give it to the fullest (John 10:10). We believe that is what He meant, that abundant life centers on the person and the work of Jesus! This work of Jesus invites us to be in genuine community with God and with each other. Summit LIFE Church is a place where you can join us as we explore and engage in this abundant life that Jesus offers. We are convinced that this abundant life can be found by anyone. Summit LIFE Church invites you to come check out what this invitation to abundant life looks like.


Regardless of whether you have a church background or not, we welcome you to join us on Sunday mornings @ 10 am. You will find that Summit LIFE Church is made up of real people who explore and engage in a very real faith together. Together we will explore faith, discover community and encourage each other as we journey toward the abundant life that Jesus promised, reaching our God given purpose and potential!

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