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LIFE and Mission were never intended to be done alone. Summit LIFE Church is in the Pre-Launch stages of their church plant and humbled to be partnering with some incredible churches, individuals, and organizations.

Summit LIFE Church is being sent by Cornerstone Baptist Church. Located in Florence, SC, with a heart and history for seeing new churches come to life. Cornerstone has adopted an “On Mission” approach to church life; existing to Share Christ and Share Life within their community, nation, and world. Led by Dr. Bill Curtis and a team of pastors, elders, and staff, Cornerstone’s incredible leaders and faithful members are the strong shoulders that Summit LIFE will lean on as we seek to come to life in Issaquah, WA. For more information about Cornerstone Baptist church visit their website.
The Pillar Network exists to cooperate with local churches, individuals, and businesses to promote church planting and church revitalization in North America. The character, experience, and support of The Pillar Network is all too often the missing component within church planting. Summit LIFE is uniquely positioned having a strong sending church, strong partners, and a strong church planting network. For more information about The Pillar Network visit their website.
North American Mission Board is committed to strategically and intentionally planting churches in North America. They are currently targeting 32 “send” cities across North America that are vital in reaching North America. Seattle has been identified as one of these key “send” cities. We are excited to be in partnership with the North American Mission Board as we seek to join them in their Kingdom building efforts in the Pacific Northwest. For more information about the North American Mission Board visit their website.

Additional Church Partners:

We are looking for churches across North America that share in the vision and mission to reach our nation and world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From the very beginning, Kingdom partnerships have been the means in which God calls the church to carry out the mission of the Gospel. We are grateful for the Kingdom partnerships we have established with churches across the country and are praying that more will join us in this missional endeavor. We are praying that churches will consider partnering with us for 3-5 years as we see Summit LIFE Church go from infancy to independence. It is our desire and goal that we will become a vibrant self-sustained ministry that is actively engaged in multiplication and mission.

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Pastor Will Forrest

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