This past Sunday was a historical moment for the Church. People gathered around television screens, computer monitors, cell phones and other digital devices to stream the teaching of God’s Word within their homes. As COVID-19 has rapidly spread throughout our world, every nation and family has been impacted by this virus. The two things reoccurring themes that seem to have people panicked is: 1.) We are not sovereign over our days, and 2.) Death is a respecter of no persons. These are two truths that have historically underscored the Christian testimony. God is the sovereign Creator, who holds our days in His hands and Christ has defeated the sting of death. It is during times like these that the Christian testimony must be shared. It must be talked about within our homes, we must remind each other of it within our churches and we must share it with our friends and neighbors. To help equip you in these days, for this unique task we can created this page to resource you. We hope you will explore it and discover new ways to step into the days ahead with a renewed confidence in Christ.